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A Letter to Students who are living off-campus

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Letter to International Students who are living off-campus



Dear international students,


    Recently, the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is raging in China and around the globe. The Chinese government attached great importance to the prevention and has taken a series of strong measures to control the epidemic. Now the overall momentum of epidemic situation in Shijiazhuang is positive and you are safe to stay in Shijiazhuang.


    Since the outbreak, the prevention and control of the epidemic at Hebei Medical University has gained support and cooperation from all international students. Everyone abides by the epidemic prevention regulations and requirements, behaviors like returning to school in advance never happened. Many students even helped the university and students around, making their own contribution to control the epidemic. We would express sincere thanks to all international students!


    Your safety and health are the highest priority of Hebei Medical University. For students living off-campus, please again pay close attention to your physical condition and do the following points strictly:

    1. 外来人员可能导致病毒输入,危害同学们的生命健康,所有学生不允许接待和留宿外来人员。如发现留宿他人、提供虚假信息、漏报瞒报等行为,将按照中国法律法规严肃处理!

    All students are not allowed to receive and accommodate person from outside who may cause virus transmission and do harm to your safety and health. Those who violate the regulation, conceal or report the false information will be punished seriously according to the Chinese laws.

    2. 所有学生一律不允许提前返石和返校,具体开学时间等待学院通知。不听劝阻私自提前返石和返校,将按照中国法律法规和9397至尊源于信誉校纪校规严肃处理!

    No students is allowed to return to the university in advance. Please wait for the College Notice on the start of the Spring Semester. Those who insist on returning to school will be punished seriously according to the Chinese laws and regulations of Hebei Medical University.

    3. 请同学们做好自我防护,加强体温监测,有情况随时向班主任汇报,外出时注意佩戴口罩,不要随意外出至人群密集等易感染的地方。

    Please protect yourself and keep measuring body temperature, report to the head teachere if there is any special situation, wearing mask when you go out, do not go to crowded places where are susceptible to the disease.


    You must have the confidence to overcome the epidemic. We are looking forward to meet you in our campus soon. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!



                       International Education College  of Hebei Medical University