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2022 New Year Message of International Education College

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Dear international students,

On the arrival of 2022, we all faculties of International Education College extend new year greetings and best wishes to all of you!

Looking back on 2021, COVID-19 continues to ravage the world and the situation in some countries and regions is still not optimistic. In China, the prevention and control of the epidemic has been normalized. The Chinese government has taken various active measures such as regular nucleic acid tests, vaccination against COVID-19, and isolation measures in affected areas, which have effectively contained the spread of the epidemic.

Currently, of the 416 international students, 39 are staying in China and 377 have returned to their countries. 2021 is the year we continue to deliver online classes. No matter where you are, you have worked hard to overcome difficulties to finish your studies and realize your medical dreams. In 2021, a total of 23 undergraduate, 3 master degree candidate and 1 doctoral candidate have graduated from our college.

In 2022, China will host the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. While the Chinese people are doing their best to prepare for the Winter Olympics, our international students are also contributing your efforts. 5 international students from different countries participated in the filming of the Winter Olympics promotional video with 1.77 million hits on the Internet.

Dear students, in 2021, due to the epidemic,we still haven’t meet again after a long separation. However, with our enormous courage and ability to overcome the disease, we firmly believe that the global epidemic will end. May we continue to move forward with love and hope and welcome the beautiful and peaceful year of 2022! Wish you and your family a happy New Year!


              International Education College

              of Hebei Medical University

              Jan.1ST 2022