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2023 New Year Letter To All International Students

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2023 New Year Letter To All International Students

Dear students: 

 Hope you are doing well!

On the arrival of 2023, we all faculties of International Education College extend new year greetings and best wishes to all of you!

With the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies in China, students will soon return to campus to continue your study. Welcome back! 

Looking back on 2022, China has successfully hosting the 24th Winter Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, demonstrated the sporting spirit of the people of China. The twentieth National Congress was held to convey the diplomacy of China to the world. As the international environment has entered a new period of turbulence, China is committed to opening up its education to the outside world, continuously enhancing the influence of China's education. Therefore, please do believe that your choice to study in China is correct!

Dear students, in the past three years, the novel coronavirus has seriously affected our lives, bringing us not only physical pain, but also the frustration of not being able to complete our studies as desired. In 2023, we will meet in the beautiful campus of Hebei Medical University. Students may go to the hospital for clinical practice, receive offline teaching in the school, or carry out paper research under the guidance of teachers, so as to make up for the delayed study due to the epidemic and strive to realize your dream and pursuit of studying in China. In the New Year, let us be full of hope, overcome the difficulties brought by the "post-COVID-19 era", cherish the time, carry love forward, and believe that everything will return to normal and become even better.

Wish you and your family a happy New Year!


                        International Education College

                        of Hebei Medical University

                                                                                       Jan.1ST 2023