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The International Education College organizes a night tour of the ancient city of Zhengding for international students and freshmen

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    In order to enrich the spare time life of the new coming students and let them understand the traditional Chinese culture more deeply, 57 teachers and students of International Education College participated in the theme activity of "Walking into the ancient city of Zhengding, feeling the Yanzhao Culture" on the evening of April 18th.


    The teachers and students climbed the ancient city wall of Zhengding together, overlooked the city of Zhengding from the ancient city wall with a history of more than 1,600 years. All the international students were shocked by the spectacular architecture of ancient China. Strolling the streets of Zhengding, admiring the traditional Chinese carving craft of Huata in Guanghui Temple, enjoying the songs and stories of the ancient city Zhengding in front of Yanghe Building.


    All the teachers and students walk around Kaiyuan Temple, Rongguo Mansion, Longxing Temple, Tianning Temple and so on. They enjoyed the old grey walls and square bricks, experienced the rich traditional Chinese culture, and felt the magnificence and brilliance of Chinese traditional architecture.