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        The universityspecialised in offering the foreign student apartment. In each room, anattached bathroom, beds, desks, closets,and air-conditioners are provided.It can be provided for two or three people. In the department, the washingmachines can be used , and also for the boiled water. Theforeign students can have meals in the canteen or the nearby restaurant. Andthe meal fees are about RMB500 per month.

        The universitylocates in the downtown of the city. The traffic condition is so convenient.There is a subway at the school gate. The campus is only 500m from the bank, 700m from the post office and 1000m fromthe supermarket. There is a clinic for the student in it. And there are alsosome provincial-hospitals around the university.




        The Foreign Student Took Part In the Competition of Chinese Language



        The cultural life of foreign student is colorful. The university always organized the foreign students to take part inall kinds of competitions. Furthermore, the university always organized thestudents to visit the historical sites of China, and the students only have topay part of fees for the visit.